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  • Many great men have written poems, stories, sculpted, and painted about the magnificent beast—the horse. They have place in age old mythologies and appear often in the stories of war and bravery

  • Pramila Giria creates a figurative painting of Buddha depicting harmony and focus, through warm and mellow visuals, colours and textures. Oil painted on canvas, the mood of the artwork creates a sense of introspection and guides us

  • In this glowing crimson painting, artist Pramila Giria depicts the undying love and passion of a devotee towards their God, their Beliefs, and their Truths. This mixed media painting conveys the power of sincerity and devotion

  • any centuries ago, a Thai monastery was the home to a magnificent statue of Buddha that was made from 5.5 tonnes of gold. On the account of the Burmese army invading their lands, they feared that the statue might get

  • In this oil painting, Pramila Giria portrays a calm faced Buddha and White Lotus in its many stages of growth. The monochrome objects of the painting are paired with a heavily textured red background and thus creating a compelling