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Beautiful and soulful paintings by artist Pramila that stir the soul! I bought a beautiful Buddha painting from her collection..

Rachel Jayaseelan

    Amazing!! Each Art work unfolds very subtly the creative mind of the if each piece of her creation tells a story, while taking the observer into a journey to the Deep.....she compells to think and cheish!!...all the very best to her for a Radiant Art career...

    Supriyo Ganguli

      All the artworks of Pramila are amazing, she is a great artist. Must visit for all art lovers.

      Vani Raj engineer

        Such a gratifying visual experience! Great art work ,interesting amalgamation of various artists and genres!

        Komal Shah

          It is a wonderful experience and very well service from your end

          Rashmi Murthy

            Wow. Now that's some awesome paintings. What a wonderful use of colors and styles. The buddha's were mesmerizing. Just gives the peace required.. the painting of the lady in the mask was really fantastic. Wishing you many more milestones and success in the coming years.

            Praveen Bokaria

              The most talented and beautiful art work I have seen to date. The horses and the portrait of mother Teresa is unbelievable. Pramila has a bright future in arts.

              Kajal Gandhi

                Beautiful work! The zebra collection is incredible

                Urvashi Gupta

                  Superb Collection of paintings.....👌👌👌

                  Rajiv Samta Jain

                    One of the best artists I have met till date ! All the painting are so relevant and soul touching that words fall short to describe . Each one is a classic in its own way . I had always heard that paintings are an expression of one s feelings and you definitely justify this in every way . Your work is so mesmerizing that it really take one into an entirely different world .You are an inspiration to many budding artists . Creativity at its best !!!!

                    Radhika Killa

                      Pramila is one of my favourite artists.and she has some of the superb paintings. I recommended Simar galleries to people looking for great paintings.

                      A S

                        You need to see her works to believe. In the age of abstract and contemporary where most masterpieces are just splatters of luxurious colours, her works speak to you, about - hope, love, sacrifice, strength, positivity and makes you wonder about your purpose: what you're here for. She makes excellent portraits, catching the minutest of details, creations that can never be made in any other way! Do check her works on FB & IG. 👍🏽

                        Simran Giria

                          Always Fabulous.....

                          Archanaa Bokaria

                            Really liked her work. Website is superb. 🙂

                            Debrupa Saha

                              Really nice art work.

                              Abhi Gupta

                                Her paintings have a beautiful vibe and energy!

                                Jagriti Jain

                                  Lovely work of art. Amazing team.

                                  Anurag Agarwal

                                    You have some of the most amazing pieces of art. It's awe-inspiring!

                                    Aayushi Vyas

                                      The Tinted Zebra collection is absolutely mind blowing. Fantastic collection of paintings and displays.

                                      Anirudh Jayan

                                        Beautiful Art Work and Very Creative

                                        Armaan Giria

                                          Paint the town red!!!!!!!

                                          Vineet Bokaria
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