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"To experience winds power and radiance of sunlight one has to only look at the galloping stallions in water​."

Artist: Pramila Giria
Medium : Acrylic & Oils
Size : 24 X 24″
Year: 2017

"Inspired by the force and the strength of horses,​ the beauty of horses in motion is showcased."

Artist: Pramila Giria
Medium: Oil on hardboard
Size: 20 X 30″
Year: 2006
Status: Available

"Be the embodiment of strength an beauty, free and disciplined, with nobility and heart of commons. Be a delightful paradox. Be a horse in the world full of sheep."

Artist : Pramila Giria
Medium : Acrylic & Oils
Size : 24 X 24″
Year : 2017
Status: Sold


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