Simar Galleries

The Zebra Collection


Many great men have written poems, stories, sculpted, and painted about the magnificent beast—the horse. They have place in age old mythologies and appear often in the stories of war and bravery. While horses have been a muse for many artists, here is an animal that is not as popular and often confined to realms of forests—zebras! These less popular but equally stunning cousins of horses are a thing of beauty. Its labyrinth of black and white stripes, the beautiful curves of the stripes that run along with the body, and the wilder side of the animal caught the artists’ attention.

The artist wondered how a bit of coloured texture on the stripes could subtly transform and elevate the beauty of the animal. Drawing a parallel between the magnificent hide of the zebra and our society, the artist tries to show how our society and humans arelayered and cannot be simplified to black and white or right and wrong through the abstract textures gracing the stripes. For this series of paintings, the artist has used oils and acrylics to experiment freely with the colours and textures.