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The Bronze Buddha


Pramila Giria creates a figurative painting of Buddha depicting harmony and focus, through warm and mellow visuals, colours and textures. Oil painted on canvas, the mood of the artwork creates a sense of introspection and guides us to look inwards to find our way.


Starting from the eyes that portray serenity, every aspect of this painting reminds us of the importance of being calm during times of uncertainty. The portrait is sketched sideways and has minimal and faint lighting radiating the face of Buddha. The smile, small yet courteous, depicts Buddha’s ever calm and peaceful nature filling us with a sense of contentment. 

he concentric circles lead our eyes to the seat of spiritual wisdom between our brows, where the secrets of eternal existence are said to be. Reminding us that meditation shifts our cluttered mind to a state of cosmic consciousness.

While burnt shades of sepia and brown and the rugged texture ground us to the very Earth we live in, the monochromatic hues also depicts stability and strength. The flat and raised textures depict the state of the world where chaos and order co-exist, much like the workings of our mind. This work deploys the Buddhist goals of attaining wisdom from within, morality, and meditation.