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In this glowing crimson painting, artist Pramila Giria depicts the undying love and passion of a devotee towards their God, their Beliefs, and their Truths. This mixed media painting conveys the power of sincerity and devotion through the striking colors, patterns, and textures.


Devotion, faith, and discipline—the continuous practice of these liberate your mind from unrest, self-doubt, and confusion. They are the one true path to a mind made of peace, strength, and confidence. The portrait shows a strong and calm face of Buddha who is being worshipped by a faceless devotee. The artist intentionally portrays only the action of worshipping as the devotee can be anyone—irrespective of age and gender.

The color red not only makes you pay attention but also alerts and awakens your mind and soul immediately. It is not just the color of love and courage. In the spiritual sphere, red is a representation of energy, passion, creation, survival, power, and vitality. Here, the artist uses color red as a force to be reckoned with. To reinforce that strength comes from devotion towards the supreme power.


But, being a devotee is not just surrendering oneself to the supreme power, it is also an unquestionable and undeniable connection between them and their God, their Beliefs, and their Truths.