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In this oil painting, Pramila Giria portrays a calm faced Buddha and White Lotus in its many stages of growth. The monochrome objects of the painting are paired with a heavily textured red background and thus creating a compelling contrast.


Lotuses grow in muddy waters. They rise above and bloom into something so beautiful and captivating. This symbolism is deeply rooted in Buddhist philosophies, culture, and art. It signifies the purification of the soul which was born into murkiness. Saying that the circumstances of our birth don’t have to define how we grow and what we become.

Like the flower itself, the color of the flower also holds different meanings and the different stages of its growth symbolizes the different stages of Enlightenment. While the color white

indicates the purity of mind and #spirit, the lotuses in the painting illustrate that we are all on a journey towards enlightenment, just in different stages.

The closed bud represents the time before enlightenment and a fully bloomed lotus represents full enlightenment. The partly open flower indicates that the hidden Centre is enlightenment beyond ordinary sight. 

“No matter which part of the journey you are in, don’t stop, don’t give up and don’t give in. A little bit of patience and a great deal of faith in yourself can take you to the destination.”