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“Find yourself, Lose yourself, and Indulge yourself in the world of colours, ideas, thoughts, and expressions…”

Simar Galleries founded by Mr. Kamal Giria and Mrs. Pramila Giria in 2014, has been designed with the sole purpose of promoting and exhibiting art across the world. Simar Galleries tries to promote art with equal emphasis on affordable and well-established artists and stocks a comprehensive range of paintings which promotes established as well as emerging artists in its endeavour. Simar Galleries hopes to break barriers between the artist and the viewer to bring art into the everyday lives of people.

Simar Galleries strives to go beyond the commercial, to be of value to society, to have a wider reach while implementing the value of art.

Works of art

Art is unquestionably one of the purest

and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through

the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the sun colours flowers,

so does art colour life.
                            ― John Lubbock

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History of Simar Galleries


India Art Festival India Art Festival is a Contemporary Art Fair, is the biggest art fair hosted annually at three metro cities, Bengaluru, New Delhi and Mumbai! l IAF aims to provide a cultural bridge between Indian artists, art galleries
MAR 2020
MAR 2020
Friends of Tribals Society Honoured & delighted that the Friends of Tribals Society
, Bangalore, have recognised & awarded me for Women’s Achiever in the Field of Art.
It has been one hell of a journey, but without the constant support & encouragement from my family & friends, I wouldn’t have come so far. Thank you so much once again for recognising & appreciating what I do.
Hilltop X Simar 2019 Founded and Designed by Artist Pramila Giria, enjoy the world on a colourful platter! Stop by our Dallas office to gaze at her finest of artworks, sipping wine & relishing cheese!
Beyond Colours-3 Beyond Colours-3 attempts to showcase various styles of paintings and sculpture. It is an exhibition of large perspectives and different perceptions, representing diversity in art. In this show, Artists from different parts of the country share a platform to display their creativity.


Wonderful Art work . love the echos - inspired by nature

Tanena Singhi

your Art is very interesting and very much into details. Love it!

Migul Santana

I love the diversity, very impressive !

Roswipha dalogu

Break Free Paintings !

James Arina

Every painting depicts identity and individuality. Vibrant and positive energy. Exuberating paintings. Love them all!!! Way to go gal, proud of you.

Seema Kothari

Intriguing collection.

Nikita Mirchandani

Nice work. Would like to see more of this type of work.

Hinal Chandaria

Great work Pramila ji. Thanks for all inspiring work display.

Nitin Daple

Beautiful work!! Hope you achieve all that you desire because you deserve.

Komal Jain

Very commendable! Would like to see more and more of Art!

Renuka Jain

Great work!!!! Keep it up.

Sanjay Baid

Very Vibrant and really appreciative.

Bharati Gandhi

Stress relieved. Thank you for the brilliant work. Keep it up.

Siva & Gomathi Siva
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    • Many great men have written poems, stories, sculpted, and painted about the magnificent beast—the horse. They have place in age old mythologies and appear often

    • Pramila Giria creates a figurative painting of Buddha depicting harmony and focus, through warm and mellow visuals, colours and textures. Oil painted on canvas, the

    • In this glowing crimson painting, artist Pramila Giria depicts the undying love and passion of a devotee towards their God, their Beliefs, and their Truths.

    • any centuries ago, a Thai monastery was the home to a magnificent statue of Buddha that was made from 5.5 tonnes of gold. On the

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