Pramila Giria

Born in Rajasthan, 1972; lives and works in Bangalore, India

With a degree in fine arts from Stella Maris College, Chennai, Pramila began her artistic journey with the support and motivation of her family. She is deeply inspired by nature, peace, places she travels to, and general harmonies of life. One of her earlier works titled ‘Behind the Mask’ gained a lot of traction and appreciation in Chennai. That was the first painting she sold.

She largely works with oils and acrylics but has now started working with mixed media too. Peace, positivity, vibrancy of colours, the beauty of our flora & fauna are some of the common themes that you will find in her artworks. Her latest muse has been the black and white striped beauty—zebra! The journey of her artworks reflects the journey of her mind, heart, and life.  Her children are also one of the biggest inspirations and often finds herself accepting their growth and celebrating their achievements on canvas with colours and brush strokes.

Art can be a very powerful medium to convey messages and address issues. Pramila Giria hopes to touch hearts of as many people as possible with her artworks. She hopes to depict not just the colourful side of life, but also the greys and blacks in a beautiful way!

Her favourite artist is the Italian sculptor, painter, and architect Michelangelo. The paintings and sculptures in the museums and chapels of Vatican City are one of her favourite art destinations in the world.

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