About US


Simar Galleries founded by Mr.Kamal Giria and Mrs.Pramila Giria in 2014, has been designed with the sole purpose of promoting and exhibiting art across the world. Simar Galleries tries to promote art with equal emphasis on affordable and well established artists and stocks a comprehensive range of paintings which promotes established as well as emerging artists in its endeavor. Simar Galleries hopes to break barriers between the artist and the viewer to bring art into the every day lives of people.

Simar Galleries strives to go beyond the commercial, to be of value to society, to have a wider reach while implementing value of art.

About Mr. Kamal Giria

Simar Galleries is co-founded by Mr. Kamal Giria. A Bangalore based business baron, Mr. Kamal Giria has established a state-of-the-art granite manufacturing company and exports granite across the world with offices in Bangalore (India), Dallas (USA), Houston (USA) & Toronto( Canada). He is an extensive globe trotter. His avid love for photography led him to naturally absorb the fine nuances of art, while visiting various art shows and interacting with artists in the global melting pot. Mr. Kamal Giria is leveraging his wealth of experience and has co-founded the gallery with his wife and artist Mrs. Pramila Giria.

About Mrs. Pramila Giria

Born in Rajasthan and brought up in Tamil Nadu, Pramila Giria’s art was heavily influenced by the best of both cultures. The vibrancy of her art is a complete celebration of life. Ranging from flora, fauna, spirituality, still life, landscapes and portraits, her work reflects the aspects of her personality – peace, calm and serenity. Working with oils and acrylic medium she captures the heart of the theme through texture, richness of colour and illusion of light.

As blessed as one could be, her supporting family cheered and encouraged her passion and talent. Her sibling Pradeep, who recognised his sister’s special gift, encouraged her to enrol in a fine arts college and eventually arm herself with a degree in Fine arts from Stella Maris, Chennai.

Her journey as an artist was most rewarding when the accolades came calling. She won the second prize for participating in “A Photo Journey of Women Empowerment” and painting exhibition on “Female Foeticide Eradication Movement and Rural Development”.

In addition, she contributed to the society by donating her art to various organisations selflessly. Her husband Kamal on the other hand, made it a mission to bring her work to limelight and showcase her talent to the world.