Simar Galleries founded by Artist Pramila Giria in 2014, has been designed with the sole purpose of promoting and exhibiting art across the world. Simar Galleries tries to promote art with equal emphasis on affordable and well-established artists and stocks a comprehensive range of paintings. Simar Galleries hopes to break barriers between the artist and the viewer to bring art into the everyday lives of people.

Founded & designed by Artist Pramila Giria with the purpose of promoting & exhibiting art across the world. We stock a range of paintings which promote established & emerging artists.

The paintings of Mrs. Pramila Giria reflected her own personality – peace, calm and serenity.

Her work involves floral, spirituality, still life, landscapes and portraits. As a thorough nature enthusiast, her artworks depict her love for the beauty around.

She uses fine lines and curves which make her work more interesting and graceful. She gets to the heart of the theme, capturing a magnetic vibrancy through texture, the richness of colour and illusion of light.

Pramila’s work reflects the individuality of women, her very own strength and belief in spirituality through various colours and textures. She works with oils, acrylic & mixed mediums.


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